Creative Cube Artists United for the Planet

       It is Saturday Night, and I've been summoned to an artistic showcase in the heart of downtown Victoria, British Columbia.  I walk through the inner harbor, passing directly in front of the Empress Hotel, noticing its new restoration project.
Empress Hotel
The Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C.
        I arrive at the Robert Bateman Centre across from the Legislature, and immediately, I begin to notice some changes.  I can sense that there is an energy of individuals here creatively united for the planet, taking action to capture interest, involve, and inspire environmentally conscious change here.
Robert Bateman Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
     The Center is lit up with green lights.  There is this mysterious energy about it.  As soon as I enter, I am greeted by Francis Litman, the Project Coordinator, who introduces me as a friend.  I walk inside.  The art up there is a series of sculptures, printed images, symbolic material on pedestals, glass and mirrors, cubes, and a community united by meaning and purpose, and a great drive to do something, to lead by example, be true, and brave, and possibly even catalyze a shift in consciousness and permaculture, ecojustice building the case for a for a better earth.  The kind of activism that has a keen eye for legislation and parliamentary debates.
Glass Cube Sculpture on Pedestal
     Up there, are beautiful sculptures of cubes depicting mountains and wildlife, trees and oceans and landscapes of co-entangled consciousness.  This particular cube is white translucent glass filled with salt.  We heard that in 2012, there would be the birth of some new light, dawning upon us and protecting us.  The play of light and dark in the sculptures captured my heart.

Cube on pedistals
Cube on a Pedestal.  Black Holes. 
      In this cube sculpture on a pedestal, there are black holes drilled into the metal upper face.  I won't tell you what I saw when I looked through one of the black holes.  I will only inform you that it is brilliant.  This sculpture is for sale, to raise money and awareness for the future of Creatively United for the Planet.    Another piece of sculpture up there is called "The Continuum."

 Within "Continuum," I saw layered reflections of nature intertwined with its active and conscious cause.  And I heard a whisper from others across the hall, discussing the sculpture, "It really comes to symbolize a kind of silent church of nature that is much older than humankind."

There is a description posted above "Continuum," that includes, "Love and respect for the sanctity I find in the natural world."  That the whole thing goes to nature based charities.  I've worked for national charities like the Wilderness Committee.  I know that there is a way forward for the artists, the guides, the photographers, the fundraising campaigners.  I know there is a role for the ideas people, and people taking action to spread awareness and more conscious living, the whole continuum of people and activity and the natural environment.

  The scene here in Victoria BC, Canada, could really change the world and for the better.   I have been working on a project for many years now, calling on people to participate in a global ripple effect of planned acts of kindness that raise awareness through cube art and even encoded language, calling on others to take part in actions that improve the local and global environment; to think globally and act locally.  One day, I walked down to the ocean in front of Beacon Hill Park, and I started cleaning up small pieces of plastic garbage that had washed up on shore.  Planned acts of kindness like this can make a difference for everyone, including the wildlife endangered by pollution and habitat encroachment.

      There are more cube sculptures up there, one is made of driftwood, and has a mirror on the inside, with a call to action tastefully engraved into it.  Another cube has four vertical walls made of enlightened photographs of endangered birds confronting the reality of garbage polluting their longtime habitat.  If this is any news, it is news that what we are doing is working, and yet, that we face an even greater challenge than ever before, requiring your informed support and collective actions for the planet its self.

"It's like a mission to reinvent and reclaim a sovereign integral self, in relationship to a greater whole, a hierarchy of consciousness, guided by the human soul.  I've seen the miracles, and felt the hope, of this collaborative work, within times envelope." -GK 2017

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